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Message  bexhausted le Jeu 28 Sep - 16:57

La prochaine mission FNBF renoue avec les règles habituelles et quelques nouveautés que Tip nous a demandé de vous rappeler.
Traduction rapide des points clés ci-dessous

Hey all.
Some new things to review...
Bex, Razor if you would forward this to your squads I'd appreciate it.

Allow me to use this opportunity to welcome Roblex, Cina and Talisman to FNBFs.
Folks generally get on TS 10 to 15 minutes before Mission start to coordinate.

Please Note that FNBF Missions will begin at 19:00 UTC.
General Info:
Password for the UK_1 server will be: 1967
*UK_1 Server Settings for Friday Night Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides.
*TS will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels.
Backup will be Rise of Flight: ts3.riseofflight.net:7777 - Password: 1917

Mission Kuban 43
All pilots please review the enclosed ROE.

Mission: Kuban 43!
1) Mission will now last for 2 and 1/2 Hours not including the 12 minute hold below in #2.
2) Once the Mission Starts in the server a 12 Minute Hold is put on Players proceeding to target. ***Player controlled Tanks are excluded from this 12 Minute Hold. See #11.[12 MN DE STAND BY : on peut se positionner en seuil de piste mais pas décoller]
2a) Following this 12 minutes hold. A visible HUD Message with the phrase "Launch Aircraft!" will appear for 1 Minute. [DECOLLAGE AUTORISE lorsque "Lauch Aircraft apparait]

3) A 30 Minute "Mulligan" is now in effect. Players who die within the first 30 minutes (excluding Hold time) of the mission are allowed to respawn into available aircraft.[12 MN + 30 MN = si mort pendant cette période redécollage autorisé]
4) HUD Messages usually showup for met Objectives. Make sure to destroy briefed targets or MAP Icon designated targets.

5) Players need to land before Mission end or be counted as destroyed. *Vehicles, Infrastructure and Aircraft which were destroyed during this sortie will be reinstated.[si vous atterrissez APRES la fin de la mission tous les objectifs que vous avez détruits depuis votre dernier décollage seront intacts pour la prochaine mission]

6) Each Airfield has additional aircraft added to allow for #2 and #3 above.
7) No Intentional Team Killing, Chute Attacks or Base Camping is allowed.

****Total Designated Aircraft for Mission are: (Players may use Un-Designated Aircraft if alive after 1st Sortie and 30 Minute Mulligan has Elapsed)
Change in ordinance. Weapondary and Loadouts are now locked.[Armement bloqué]
12 Hs-129B
12 Ju-88A-4
14 Bf109G-2
6 Bf110G-2
14 Spitfire MkVb
14 Pe-2 s.87
12 IL2-42
6 P-40E

7) Each Airfield has a Refueling/Rearming/Refitting Rate. Which requires that you Land your Plane back at the base you took off from. [ramenez votre avion sur votre aérodrome de départ pour reconstituer le stock]
*Players whose aircraft were destroyed are allowed to refly given that they have not been killed and there are available aircraft. [après la période de 12 mn + 30 mn vous pouvez revoler à la seule condition que vous n'ayez pas été tué et qu'il reste des avions disponibles]
*Players of course are not allowed to change sides during the mission.

8) Players charged with specific Recon for "future or current missions" must have a transmitted message, (*use Chat), or have Objective HUD Message at the time of Recon and then Land at an Operational Airbase for recon to be verified and plotted for said future or current mission. Players may also take or be required to take Recon pictures. Landing rule applies and please submit Picture to [DBS]Tx_Tip for inclusion in future Recon Briefing Packs.
[les piloltes chargés d'une mission de reconnaissance  pour la mission en cours ou les suivantes doivent indiquer leurs observations par le chat ou voir s'afficher un message sur le HUD et doivent atterrir pour que la reconnaissance soit validée (NDT : quelqu'un peut-il valider la traduction de ce passage ? merci). les joueurs peuvent aussi prendre des screens de leur propre initiative ou sur ordre et, après avoir atterri envoyer les images à [DBS]Tx_Tip ([en MP !)]

9) Just a gentle reminder. Please use appropriate armament for the Mission you are tasked for.
****Payloads and Weapondry are now locked

10) Airbase Attacks. New***
Players may conduct a coordinated Airbase attack only on Enemy Bases which have been reconnoitered as specifically stated in #8 above or designated as a legitimate target.[Les joueurs peuvent mener une attaque coordonnée contre une base ennemie qui a été au préalable reconnue selon la procédure indiquée au #8 ou désignée comme un objectif légitime]
Targets below are required to close the base if a designated airfield attack is ordered:[pour fermer une base il faut détruire : ]
Ammo Bunkers
Fuel Bunkers

There will be no vulching permitted in any instance. Make your attacks and retire from the area promptly. Legitimate ground targets next to operational airbases require fighter suppression on those bases. Again make your attacks and retire from the area promptly.
I do not wish to completely deter attacks with additonal flak pieces at Airfields. These resources can be better put to use in armor, vehicles, trains etc. that we all enjoy blowing up. Nuff said.

11) Tanks.***
Player controlled Tanks are excluded from the 12 Minute hold limit and may spawn in and begin moving when they are ready.
It is suggested that the Player remove themselves from within the Spawn Point Radar ASAP. Your mission objectives will always be outside of this Radar. And there may be a time limit to achieve said objectives.
Hint.Tanks travel via roads up to 3 times faster than off road.
]Les joueurs utilisant des chars ne sont pas astreints au stand by de 12 mn. Il leur est fortement recommandé de quitter le radar de la zone de spawn le plus vite possible. Leur objectif est toujours situé en dehors de celui-ci. Et celui-ci peut devoir être accompli en un certain temps. Prenez en compte que les chars sont trois fois plus rapides sur le route qu'en tout terrain ]

Just a reminder....
This in the Briefing for every Game-Server Mission that we at Battle-fields.com hosts including the 2 BoS servers...
Please respect other pilots. Team Killing, Chute Attacks and Base Camping is strictly forbidden and players are subject to being Kicked from the server. Foul Language will not be tolerated.

That is all.
Have Fun!

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