Developper diary, part 117

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Developper diary, part 117

Message  Obelix le Jeu 17 Déc 2015 - 15:48

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow beta-testers will start checking version 1.106 release candidate, which we plan to publish next week. Today we'll tell you about another addition you'll see in the new update - redesigned airfields / tank spawns screen...

We told you about the upcoming plane, MiG-3, in our recent developer diary. After this one, we'll make four more planes available during January and February to owners of Battle of Moscow, whish is planned to be released in March: Bf-109 F-2, IL-2 mod. 1941, Pe-2 ser.35 and Ju 88 A4....

Work on the Moscow map is proceeding as planned...

We'd like to finish the today diary by telling you one story - as example how we work on aircraft flight model and various dynamic effects analysis...

Traduc: ça baigne, les beta tester vont recevoir la version finale", pour le reste tout baigne.

Vive les Para!


Un Menhir??! Mais, il faut un gros porteur pour ça!!!

QUI EST GROS????!!!!
Livreur de Menhir
Livreur de Menhir

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