Developer Diary, Part 105

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Developer Diary, Part 105

Message  Obelix le Lun 17 Aoû 2015 - 16:20

Hi Everybody!

We really hope that you enjoy flying Macchi which was released a week ago. But there's still a lot to do, both for BOS and BOM, and here what we're working at now:

- autumn map for the free add-on to Battle of Stalingrad. We'll be glad to show the WIP screenshots as soon as possible;

- new Campaign mission for the Early Battle of Stalingrad which will be set in summer and autumn settings. A few days ago these missions entered the testing stage;

- the engineers are working at flight models of MiG-3, Bf 110, Bf 109 E-7 and P-40;

- our artist team is making 3D models for MiG-3, Bf 110, and P-40. Soon we'll be able to show you screenshots of Bf 110's cockpit since the model is almost ready;

- all the vehicles need to have appropriate summer camo, so we're painting them green, brown, etc. Some of P-40 skins are also ready, and we'll present them later to you.

- also we're making new Multiplayer modes but it's a bit too early to disclaim the details.

Today, a few days after the version 1.102 release we're not ready to show any new planes, but we've got a lot of square kilometers of summer Stalingrad map - why not to share some of its images with you!


Un Menhir??! Mais, il faut un gros porteur pour ça!!!

QUI EST GROS????!!!!
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